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In 2016, Behringer released "DeepMind 12" analog polyphonic synthesizer. DeepMind 12 has 49 keys. Next year, "DeepMind 12D"(photo above) without keyboard and "DeepMind 6" with 37 keys and 6-voice polyphony were added. I bought DeepMind 12D. The liquid crystal display has narrow angle of visibility. The font is not clear especially in matrix modulation view. The good side is, low noise balanced output and gougeous integrated sound effects. 4 effect units are ready. The effect algorithms are coming from T.C. Electronic assets.

DeepMind 12 is a single timbre synthesizer. 12 voices is too much for a timbre, I thought. However, after purchasing I understood DeepMind 12 has the polyphony for unison usage. As the Behringer's first synth product, single timbre synth is OK. Single timbre synth is simple and easy to use. DeepMind 12 has lots of synthesizing parameters. Most of them can be edited with the LCD. However, important parameters have sliders and the "EDIT" buttons is good to open one of the menus. HPF(High Pass Filter) with "BOOST" button is usable to shape the lower range.

In polyphonic analog synthesizer arena, Dave Smith Instruments(DSI) have been making good products for years. Now, we celebrate a new comer. Behringer added a new aspect of analog polysynth after learning DSI synths.


Sound: Index

Sound: Preset Bank A

A-1 Blue Dolphin BC
Nice rotating sound.
A-2 Chord Play RD
Arpegio program. Beautifull. Modulation wheel makes the sound brighter. I found that after recording.
A-3 Heaven Pad KA
"Ambient" category sound. It has long long release. It may be recent synth sound.
A-4 Rich Rises DK
I love this sound. Much straightened. I hope use sound like this in my tune.
A-5 Hammer Bass KA
Modulation wheel adds overtones. I used it at second half of the recording.
A-6 JunoProximityMS
I am not sure how Roland Juno sounds. In my high school days, Juno-6 was in the light music club room. However, I was a member of wind orchestra then.
A-7 Sweep & Fold RD
Modulation wheel changes the sound much. Good morphing.
A-8 Robbie2 RBr
"Pad" category sound. Excellent deep reverb. I love.
A-9 Outer Rim JD
Amazing complexity. Nowadays combo type(not modular) synth can produce sound like this. Surprising.
A-10 In My Spot BC
"Poly" category. Sweet and pretty. Aftertouch changes the timbre. After recording I found that.
A-11 TensionBass RD
I lost when I should change my finger. Shame.
A-12 Bullish DG
Usual synth tone. Not bad.
A-13 Symphonia KA
Arpegio program. When turning off the arpegio, deep delay keeps the sound complex.
A-14 Mono Cloud DK
"Lead" category. The polyphony setting is "Unison-12". With one key, all 12 voices comes. It may be new.
A-15 Technodisco JD
I can dance with this sound. Please add drums and bass.
A-16 AfterGlow RD
Modulation wheel adds overtones. At the last part of recording, I shaked the wheel.
A-17 Brassy KA
"Pad" category. Is it brass?
A-18 2Wheel Drive RB
Arpegio program. ARP/SEQ ON/OFF button stops arpegio. But, delay may exist. If you want to stop delay, select another program.
A-19 EventHorizen RD
I am satisfied with this sound. I got it!
A-20 1973 RD
This sound has pitch. I should have used less keys.
A-21 MouseChord DK
Comfortable beat sound. After recording, I found the modulation wheel adds overtones.
A-22 Phat Morph KA
Ambient sound. I downed some keys and moved the modulation wheel, That's all. It sounds like some kind of music. Great.
A-23 BlissPad RD
Modulation wheel changes the sound in unique way. Long release is impressive.
A-24 Up In Clouds RD
When selecting the program, the sound begins. If you want to stop the sound, you should select another program. Uncommon programming, but many programs of DeepMind 12 come in such manner.
A-25 Dark Apostle JD
Strange modulated sound behind. Nice complexity.
A-26 Gianni'Arp SG
Good percussive sound.
A-27 Slasher DK
Sound includs a musical phrase. I should learn.
A-28 Bass Punch DK
Good bass. But, I do not think punchy.
A-29 TineEP1 DG
Sweet piano sound. The polyphony setting is "Poly-8" and envelope trigger setting is "Legato". They made this sound is difficult to use. After using 8 notes, no sound can be added(no rotation).
A-30 Massive KA
Modulation wheel adds overtones. Very smooth. Nice analog.
A-31 BOC Pad RD
The sound includes beat. When modulation wheel up, beat disappears.
A-32 Juppy Synth KA
Roland Jupiter image. I should have play at higher keys.
A-33 Helix Repeat RB
Cannot start/stop sound. I had no idea how to play it.
A-34 HammondCrunchDG
Good organ players play bass with left hand. I cannot. I played bass with right hand at this recording. Crossing hands.
A-35 Nightdrive BC
Having a date? Maybe no. I guess.
A-36 Brass Pad BC
Very soft brass ensemble. Modulation wheel adds vibrato. An orthodox method.
A-37 Influx Pad KA
Slow attacks bring getting longer feeling. Nice.
A-38 Tundra RD
Frozen tundra. I hope to visit Alaska.
A-39 CS Strings KA
Maybe seeking Yamaha CS-80 strings. Yamaha CS series includes 01, 5, 10, 15, 20M, 30, 30L, 40M, 50, 60, 70M, 80. CS-80 has maximum polyphony, 8-voice. This sound is worth buying for me.
A-40 Nice Pad KA
One more beautiful pad. Changing HPF setting, the sound will change much. I remember Roland Junos have HPF.
A-41 Echo Base JD
DeepMind 12 has HPF with BOOST button. When turning it on, bottom comes much. Good facility.
A-42 Arptastic2 RB
I played one note. I am not sure why I did so.
A-43 Movement ST
Modulation wheel emphasizes the beat. Beautiful reverb saturation. I love.
A-44 Poly Dream RD
These days, I would like to make synth solo tunes. No band, no programmed play. Long way to go.
A-45 Funkin'FilthyBC
Respectable distortion included.
A-46 Battleground BC
Digital synth like sound. From digital effectors. Good expansion.
A-47 SynthBass 3 KA
Turn the HPF BOOST on, please. Boom!
A-48 Ethereal Pad RD
Cannot start/stop sound. Affected with keys before, I guess. Maybe reproducible. OK, accidental play is welcome.
A-49 Flutter Seq DK
I lost timing to change my fingers. Shame.
A-50 In The Air 1 KA
"Pad" category sound. But, too strong to play chords I think.
A-51 ModDecimator JD
Broken sound. Powerfull.
A-52 Rich Chords RD
DeepMind 12 LFO has "S&G" LED. Manual tells me it is "Sample & Glide". Interesting.
A-53 Rich Chords RD
Excellent synth piano. Sustain pedal works nicely with 12 voices.
A-54 Human Pad KA
Lovely pad. Not human voice, I feel.
A-55 Chord Pulse RD
Wide stereo image with arpegiator LFO, and effects. We have lots of functions to move sounds now.
A-56 Wide StringsST
"Unison-2" uses two voices for one key. It means 6-voice polyphony. Nice.
A-57 ReedEP1 DG
Beautifull synth piano. I love.
A-58 Abyss JD
Today's sound for live performance, I guess.
A-59 Pwm Pad RB
Aftertouch can be assigned to vibrato without using matrix view. Nice. However, fonts in matrix view is dirty. I hope an improvement.
A-60 Slow Glide RD
Effectors sound well. It is a character of DeepMind 12.
A-61 Movement BC
I guess this is LFO modulated sound. Nice. I would like to try split play with sounds like this. Interesting solo play can be possible.
A-62 Punch Bass KA
Singing sweep tone. Good as a synth lead?
A-63 DreamSeq RD
Beautiful, rhythmic, and changeable with modulation wheel. Good job. I learn with this sound.
A-64 Soft Mono DK
I prefer soft sound. Although, this sound is set as a mono, you can change to 12-voice poly. Sweet.
A-65 ElecKoto DG
I am a Japanese born in Japan, living in Japan. Koto is Japanese old musical instrument. I agree with this koto sound. Nice.
A-66 Zero Bass JD
Please listen with loud speakers. I should have compressed more.
A-67 Flead RB
Most synth lead sounds are sustain type. This sound using decay in good manner. Respectable.
A-68 Planet Zion RD
Cannot start/stop sound. I would like to listen for hours.
A-69 Arp+Seq BC
The phrase is 2 bars long, includes pitch change. Interesting.
A-70 Rock On KA
Pipe organ, classical.
A-71 Fairy Tales RD
Beauty. Nothing can be added.
A-72 Lost Verb DK
I love reverb. I am in a trance.
A-73 Bilitis 1 KA
Beautifull. Modulation wheel adds modulation nicely.
A-74 Groovy! ST
DeepMind 12 is good at percussive sounds.
A-75 GlassPoly RD
Amazing bell sound. Are they analog oscillators?
A-76 Top Bass BC
Percussive organ bass.
A-77 Funky Lead KA
10 effect routing options are there. Really welcome.
A-78 Sweet Pulse RD
Without modulation wheel up, almost no sound.
A-79 Soft Fifth DK
In my opiniton, if lower cutoff brings fascinating sound, that is a good synth. Deepmind 12 is one of those.
A-80 Spaceman KA
Science fiction sound. I born in 1960s, so, I love spacy sounds like this.
A-81 Chiffy Arp ST
I should learn arpegio programming.
A-82 Alien Shift RD
Alien's metamorphosis and roaring. Well done.
A-83 Mean Lead BC
Nice distortion. The effector is "RackAmp". Set to mono mode in order to use portamento. Switching to poly is nice, too. Aftertouch and modulation wheel are set to add distortion.
A-84 Rhythm Steps KA
Cannot start/stop tone. Pushing key makes the sound quiet. Difficult to use.
A-85 ReedEP3 DG
Why "Poly-8" and "Legato"? I do not know the reason.
A-86 PhaseClav DG
I am not good at clavinet. This recording sounds like a guitar. But, I did not add vibrato.
A-87 Dream Pad KA
Cannot start/stop sound. However, pushing keys makes usual musical pitches. Someday, I would like to use tones like this. In solo synth play, I have only 10 fingers maximum.
A-88 Coil Soup ST
Hit one key(not needed to keep), up and down modulation wheel. That's enough. Nice.
A-89 2PSweepPad DG
I had no idea to play. Around 25 seconds, some noises, why?
A-90 DeepCheez BC
Modulation wheel up for slow, down for fast rotation. It is not from leslie simulator. It comes from LFO modulation to filter. Surprising.
A-91 Cl&OpHats DG
Close and open hi-hat. Short gate time makes open sound. Difficult to play with my fingers. Sequencer can do it.
A-92 Warm BD DG
Bass drum pitched. In the recording, start with low key and up. I should have tried higher range.
A-93 Sub Monster ST
Aftertouch makes wow sound.
A-94 Sync Lead RD
Modulation wheel change the pitch to octave up. Aftertouch changes overtones.
A-95 Squarp BC
Square arpegio. Up modulation wheel slows attacks. Down the wheel makes attack fast.
A-96 Sawyer Lead KA
Lead with slight oscillator sync. How to shake the sound is a subject to learn for me.
A-97 Rez BD DG
Pitched bass drum sound. I use high keys to make a pattern. At last, I hit keys high to low.
A-98 Berlin KA
German techno, isn't it?
A-99 Latey Bass ST
"Unison-4" means one key makes 4 voices working, 3-voice polyphonic. Unison is a important feature of DeepMind 12.
A-100 Rotary RhodesDG
The low noise makes velocity control useful.
A-101 HerbieComp DG
I used modulation wheel and aftertouch. Difficult.
A-102 Iridescent BC
Arpegio is set to off, so, I did not use it. You should try it on, too.
A-103 Field Space RD
Beautifull. I would like to use tone like this in my tune. My challenge.
A-104 Snr1 DG
Snare sound. It is not easy to make drum kit with single timbre synth.
A-105 Flange Lead KA
Lead tone with long release. Unusual. New taste.
A-106 Six Oh OnesiDK
"60" or "601"? Light and brilliant. Modulation wheel adds overtones. It may be useful.
A-107 MainBrass DG
Oh, light reverb. Delayed vibrato set. Modulation wheel adds vibrato. Aftertouch adds overtones.
A-108 Magic Key RD
One key starts the world. Recent trend. Bright beauty.
A-109 DeEP2 BC
Much synth piano sounds. I am full.
A-110 Soft Swells DK
French horn like sound. Decay delay combination is nice idea.
A-111 KApro Pad KA
Simple synth tone. Not bad.
A-112 Dream Arp JD
Old Yamaha Electone have ABC(Auto Bass Chord) function. The sound was mechanical. Now, automatic sound has human taste.
A-113 Old School RD
Resonant sound controlled by aftertouch and modulation wheel.
A-114 String Pad KA
Thin beauty.
A-115 Polygroove BC
I hope I can use sound like this. I should learn.
A-116 TineEP2 DG
Too much modulation.
A-117 ChordCrunch DK
Electric piano sound?
A-118 Miami Bass KA
I used ARP/SEQ in order to make repeating sound. When turn it off, not smooth transition.
A-119 Jumpy! ST
These days, European synth makers are active. European players use sound like this well. That may be the reason.
A-120 Juice3DG
I am not good at changing overtones with aftertouch. I love aftertouch vibrato.
A-121 Moving Along RD
Cannot start/stop tone. When hit the key, more sound come in. Nice.
A-122 Woody Bass DG
Not "Wood Bass", I guess. Woody electric bass.
A-123 Morpholog KA
Synth wonder.
A-124 Cyber Pad KA
More clear than Access Virus. I love it.
A-125 EtheriArp BC
Modulation wheel up makes slower attacks. In DeepMind 12 presets, modulation wheel is used in such way in some programs.
A-126 CloudCastle RD
When turn ARP/SEQ off, the transision is relatively smooth.
A-127 Sparkle Lead RD
Some noise is sparkling. Accidental sound can be friend of synth player.
A-128 RubberEP DG
Good night!

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