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P-330 is a digital piano module released in 1988 by Roland. The MSRP was 158000 yen. Less expensive than 550000 yen RD-1000 stage piano introducing SA (Structured Adaptive) sound engine first in 1986 and the module version "MKS-20" priced 250000 yen. In History of Roland Digital Piano, they say "The RD-1000 was the most advanced digital piano of the time, built around Roland's advanced SA technology for a more authentic piano sound".

RD-1000 has 8 tones. They are PIANO 1, PIANO 2, PIANO 3, HARPSICHORD, CLAVI, VIBRAPHONE, E.PIANO 1 and E.PIANO 2. The maximum polyphony is 16. However, some tones offer less polyphony. Though not mentioned in RD-1000 manual, MKS-20 and P-330 manuals say 10 voice polyphony with HARPSICHORD, CLAVI and E.PIANO 2. MKS-20 has almost same sound as RD-1000. P-330 uses different effetor inside. The chorus and tremolo is less punchy than MKS-20's. P-330 equalizer is 2 band. MKS-20 has a 3 band equalizer with frequency and width controls in mid band. In other hand, P-330 effector makes less noize than MKS-20's. Newer P-330 has some more functions than MKS-20. "Attack Mute" decreases the attack sound. Release time can be edited. "Stack" function makes it possible to use plural P-330s to expand polyphony. You can connect eight P-330s in maximum. You can store any sounds in any locations. You can edit the name with both capital and small characters.

Although SA piano is not as realistic as PCM pianos, it has own personality. If you love SA piano sounds and touches, P-330 will be a good companion for you. SA's velocity response is smooth, easy to use, and dramatic. I own MKS-20 and P-330. I will keep them as long as possible.


Sound: Index

Sound: P-330 with external reverb

Piano 1
Soft and classical piano. It does not resemble real acoustic piano. In this section, I added "REV 2 ROOM" in Yamaha SPX2000 "Classic" bank.
Piano 2
Brighter and crisper than Piano 1 above.
Piano 3
It reminds me of Yamaha Electric Grand CP series (70 and 80).
Nice harpsichord. It's real, isn't it?
Heavy clavinet. Nice.
Tremolo effect is on at factory setting. Moving nicely.
E.Piano 1
Velocity changes this sound dramatically. With this play, the sound reminds me of Yamaha analog CP electronic pianos. Do you know CP10 to 35?
E.Piano 2
Good electric piano sound. Really unique.
E.Piano 2 with aftertouch chorus
With P-330, you can use aftertouch to change chorus depth. Funny function. I tried that. In conclusion, no good sound because P-330 chorus is weak and aftertouch is zero at the start of sound.

Sound: P-330 mono out to external effect

P-330's internal chorus and tremolo effect have own character, but, not strong enough. I am testing P-330 mono connection to my mixer. With send and retuan connection, I added tremolo effect of SPX2000 to P-330 E.Piano 1.

P-330 E. Piano 1 no effect
I set SPX2000 connected and push bypass button at this recording. Small amount of noise. The impression is much different from E.Piano 1 above. Different velocity might be the reason.
P-330 E. Piano 1 with SPX2000 Classic Tremolo 1.9Hz
SPX2000 has "Classic" bank including effects immitating old SPX. I chose old tremolo, adjusted "MOD. FRQ" to 1.9Hz and save it in user bank #2 (see a photo below). Old dear, cheap tremolo. In some situation, I may need this.
P-330 E. Piano 1 with SPX2000 Tremolo 1.95Hz
SPX2000 "Preset" bank has current tremolo program. I adjusted "FREQ." to 1.95Hz and saved to user bank #3. High quality tremolo in 21th century. I made send return connection, so, tweaking return level adds more effect.

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