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Waldorf releasd Streichfett strings synthesizer in 2014. The small box and affordable price are unique. It has 128 voice polyphinic "STRINGS" section and 8 voice polyphonic "SOLO" section. STRINGS has 3 effects. Ensemble(strings ensemble/chorus), phaser, and "Animate". Animate modulates wave select knob called "Registration". SOLO sections has tremolo. Reverb are there for entire output. Pitch bending, modulation(cc#1), volume(cc#7) are valid and smooth. I think Streichfett is a good polyphonic synthesizer. Although I wish cutoff and resonance, that's crying for the moon. I should try Rocket's filter.


Sound: Index

Sound: Factory Presets

Streichfett has twelve memories for sound store. I played 12 factory presets below. I do not know the intensions of sounds, so, my play might be inappropriate.

Preset A1
"Shwaaaaa" strings. I am not sure old strings machines sound like this.
Preset A2
Piano or bell like sounds and strings.
Preset A3
Percussive. I tried bass.
Preset A4
Pipe organ image.
Preset B1
Sounds like former preset. Stronger attack.
Preset B2
Layerd, chorused sound. Good.
Preset B3
Guitar like sound. Beautiful.
Preset B4
Preset C1
Good human voice.
Preset C2
Attack has good taste.
Preset C3
Percussive tone and rotating strings. Not bad.
Preset C4
I agree it is a good sound.

Sound: Original(experimental)

I tried to learn. On the way.

Split experiment
I tried keyboard split.
Synth Lead by STRINGS section's pulse
I got pulse wave with minimize "Registration" pod at STRINGS section. No ensemble, no animate, no phaser. A little bit reverb. Modulation wheel adds vibrato beautifully. I feel sympathy with the synth designer.
Synth Lead by SOLO section's saw
I adjusted "Tone" pod near "E.Piano", searched soft wave. The wave may be saw or narrow pulse. Envelope mode is AR(Attatk/Release). Small amount of reverb. Nice vibrato.
Synth Piano by SOLO section
Envelope mode is AD(Attack/Decay). Attack knob is around eleven o'clock. Not velocity sensitive. Do not expect too much, please.

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