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KORG's VCO 4-voice polyphonic synthesizer. KORG released Polysix in 1981, minilogue came in 2016. 35 years we have been waiting this machine. minilogue is too unique. It has a "slider" control, no wheels, no joystick. MIDI CC(Control Change) implementation is not standard, so you will be irritated when you play minilogue through other keyboard controller. However, minilogue's small keyboard is steady, body is beautiful, 200 program memories with names are welcome(100 factory presets, 100 initial patches). Although four voice polyphony is a limitation, the designer might choose modest price tag(50000 Japanese yen). Although programmable delay is noisy, I think it is necessary. Although the sequencer has limited functions, it is easy to use. The mode buttons including poly/dual/unison/mono are fantastic. I hope to see 6 or 8 poly upper version.

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Sound: Factory Presets

001 Polylogue
Basic poly synth sound. OK, this is a analogue poly synth we love. The tempo is not stable, shame...
002 PWM Strings
This sound has audible clicks. If you do not like them, make LFO Key Sync off.
003 Flutter Pad
The delay is noisy. If you want to eliminate the noise, you can OUTPUT ROUTING switch to BYPASS. The delay is mono delay. minilogue has mono output.
004 TraxBass
This sound is UNISON mode. Poly synth functionality.
005 Ultra Low
This sound is MONO mode. When MONO mode is chosen, Portament Time "Off" means multi-trigger, "0" means single trigger. The function is hidden in PROGRAM EDIT.
006 Stardom Lead
DUO mode synth lead. Slider control is pitch bend, you can make vibrato, too. It sounds like electric guitars.
007 Fluctuation
Duo mode sound. I played two notes. My first synth Yamaha CS-40M was duo mode synth.
008 King Cheetah
CHORD mode sound. I love it. I could not purchase KORG Polysix.
009 PolySeek
ARP mode sound. Good bottom.
010 Magic Spells
DELAY mode sample. If you hit once, four sounds comes.
011 Stabber
My favorite lead. LFO INT knob adds beautiful modulation. I want a wheel.
012 S.F. Key
You can LFO INT up and down. In this recording, I did not.
013 Late Summer
Noisy delay sound.
014 Scuba Diving
I will not do scuba diving. I have no money, no time. Dangerous for me.
015 Soft Brass
Nice soft brass sound. Four voices is not enough.
016 Wah Clav
I do not know how to play clavinet sound.
017 FilterMotion
Nice key click.
018 Sing(bout u)
Programmed delay is good. If you do not like the noise, turn it off, and add an external delay.
019 PluckMouse
Playing with delay or LFO is difficult for me. Sad.
020 PopperSynth
You can twist LFO INT and make normal sound.
021 Cosmic Love
LFO modulates oscillator shape.
022 Lounge Pad
Soft, gentle pad I love.
023 Pulse Pad
minilogue has nice velocity response. You should hit hard with this sound.
024 Liquid Pad
With poly synth, we can use the release of sound. nice.
025 Prospero
LFO INT knob adds nice vibrato.
026 Burn Low
I imagine candles.
027 Polymonk
LFO INT adds nice vibrato. Wow is nice, too.
028 Yes or No
I shaked the slider. I cannot play guitars.
029 Polymonk
I played chords with tweaking LFO INT. This sound has auto(fingerd) portamento.
030 Morning Gt.
It's good to sleep early, wake up early.
031 Ugly Ducking
SIDECHAIN mode sound. The sound is ducking.
032 Unwilling
One more SIDECHAIN mode sound. I am not sure how to utilize it.
033 Mountain
You should use SEQUENCER PLAY button. This recording is my poor realtime play.
034 Old Elba
This sound reminds me of old electronic keyboards.
035 Lipstick
Fascinating woman.
036 Rubber Band
OK, it's a rubber band.
037 Vintage Tine
Recent analog synth has fast attacks. Velocity is nice, too.
038 Chico Synth
Audible clicks are nice, too.
039 Dice Synth
Similar piano sound.
040 Joyful
My tempo is not stable, sad.
041 Majenta
Release and delay sound. I think it is monologue's character.
042 TriBell
Bells by triangle wave. Nice velocity function.
043 Pluckey
When you down key long, it sustains.
044 Old MusicBox
Nice orgel sound. I like it.
045 NoiseScope
The noise comes from noise generator and delay. You can control them.
046 FlutesKey
I shaked slider pitch bend. LFO target is filter, no vibrato.
047 Universe Luv
I am not sure how to use this sound. For arpegio?
048 Accordion
I tweaked MASTER volume knob. It sound like Japanse wind instrument "Shō".
049 Dirt Bass
From here bass sounds are.
050 QueBass
The sound changes with key hold.
051 Mega PopBass
POLY mode bass. You can turn to UNISON or MONO mode. Nice functions.
052 OctaBass
I should have played more slowly.
053 BassRide
MONO mode has sub-oscillator. The level can be adjusted with VOICE MODE DEPTH knob.
054 Dark Bass
Is it out of tempo?
055 Detuned Acid
"juru-juru" sound.
056 Nasal Bass
MONO mode with sub-oscillator.
057 RingBass
I played for portamento. Interesting.
058 Housey Bass
I do not know House music.
059 Rhino Bass
No idea to play this sound.
060 Dungeon
I imagine walking in dungeon.
061 StackBass
"biyon-biyon" sound.
062 Organ Bass
VCO2 is fifth. You can adjust the volume easily. I do not think combo organ bass sound is like this.
063 Passing Step
DUO mode bass. I am not sure how to use this.
064 Sterlie Bass
One more DUO mode bass. Bad tempo, sad.
065 Hoovaaa
Hoover sound from alpha Juno, isn't it?
066 Fallen Rock
Falling sounds. What did I play?
067 Runaway Lead
Here, synth lead sounds. I shaked slider. Not good vibrato I made.
068 G-Lead
I want to battle with electric guitar player with this sound.
069 Panic Lead
Hard modulation to shape. The last note is untuned. Difficult.
070 Unison Lead
UNISON mode lead. Lots of delays.
071 CutLead
One more lead sound. Loud noise from delay.
072 Cyber Lead
DELAY mode synth lead. For me, difficult to play with delay.
073 Sweep Lead
Long sweep. Loud noise from delay.
074 Jimmy Vision
DUO mode soft lead. We can use long release.
075 Vibe Lead
MONO mode lead. Good portamento.
076 ManzLead
March like phrase. I have not so much solo phrases.
077 Da Lead
I think minilogue is good weapon to electric guitars.
078 Oct Uni Sync
MONO mode with sub-oscillator. Loud.
079 Delay Seq
DELAY mode sound. The delay time can be adjusted with TEMPO knob.
080 Third Eye
The name reminds me of "The Three-eyed One Comes Here" by Osamu Tezuka.
081 DualSonic
Nice environmental sound.
082 Deephit
Here, CHORD mode sounds. It's beautiful, however, not current sound.
083 Halftime Hit
This phrase fits?
084 HarmorChord
085 SunnyDetroit
I'd like to take a nap.
086 Crystal Band
Chord memory is famous in Polysix/Mono/Poly. minilogue is a successor.
087 Foggy Morn
Somewhere I listen like this.
088 Teleport 1-2
It's difficult to play correct.
089 Thoth Arp
ARP sounds from here. Recent analog synth has fast attack.
090 BlinkyLead
Playing arpegio is not easy. Key order may change the sounds.
091 Arp Bass
I got Yamaha electone D-30 when I was a high-school student. D-30 has no ABC(Auto Bass Chord) function. The electone school's newer electones have ABC. It was difficult to play. Now I own EL-57.
092 Password
I imagine a robot speaking.
093 Drip City
Future city is falling.
094 Healer Seq
Fantastic. It is not easy to expand this sound to one musical piece.
095 Dream Seq
Loud noise from delay. Good environment.
096 Spark!
"Gyuiiin" sound. MONO mode.
097 Mono Growl
A beast is growling. However, holding key make the sound usual.
098 NoisyPopToms
From this sound, I turn SEQUENCER PLAY on. I cannot play with hands.
099 Motion Beat
100 Beat Salad
It sounds like a rhythm machine.

Sound: Original Patches

101 Saw1
Sawtooth wave with POLY mode. Slider controls LFO INT for vibrato. Slider returns to center automatically. I cannot leave my left hand from slider. When adjusting LFO INT knob with my left hand, it is an obstacle for right hand on keyboard. Sigh.
102 Pulse1
Pulse POLY sound. 2-pole filter is nice to make no moog sound.
103 SoloString1
Deep delay is usable.
104 Strings1
Strings for chord play. I want more voices.
105 Brass1
Sawtooth wave with envelope moving filter.
106 FilterOsc1
Set resonance max, the filter oscillates. A little bit untuned.
107 UnisonBass1
VCO1 and 2 has same setting. POLY mode sound. I played two notes at the last of the recording. My old favorite sound with Yamaha CS-40M.
108 OldPulseLead
VCO2 only because PITCH EG INT changes VCO2 only, I guess. MONO mode, portament time is 13. My old favorite sound with KORG 800DV.
109 PWM Choir
Analog choir. Soft.
110 TriPiano
Only four voice, no sustain pedal, sad.

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