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Waldorf Rocket is an analog monophonic synthesizer released in 2013 by Waldolf. In Japan, the MSRP was 36000 yen at first. Later the price went down to 28800 yen, to 27200 yen. Now, in March 2019, the delivery was finished.

Rocket is a tabletop module like a lunch box. It has oscillators, filters, envelope generator, LFO and arppegiator. Saw and pulse are selectable at "OSC" section. Also, the section has "Wave" knob shaping the wave and "Tune" knob adding detune and chords. The envelope generator has only one knob "Decay". Sustain and Release are set by on/off switches. Attack time is fixed. No change available. Although Pulse 2 is fully editable, Rocket goes to different direction. Compact, unexpensive, fast to tweak, good for live performance, and less programming.

I bought Rocket and recorded one MP3 file for testing. I put Rocket in the box. The box is in my closet. For future use, I will keep the box.



Simple Pulse
Modulation wheel adds vibrato. Aftertouch changes the cutoff (You can listen it at the end of this recording). Legato calls portamento. Wave switch was turned to pulse. Wave knob was around 11 o'clock because turning left makes the pulse width too small, no sound. Tune knob was turnedto left end. The sound is clear and bright.

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